St. Patrick’s Shamrock Bingo Club


After many years of leadership, as president and secretary respectively, Andy and Minda Reyes have retired from our club. We thank them for all the support they have given to our club and Star of the Sea parish.

Our mission is twofold:

  • To provide funding for the general repair and maintenance of the church building and grounds as needed. (Current funding for eves trough repair and installation of fencing along east side of lot)
  • To support on a monthly basis the Star of the Sea, Vincent De Paul Society ( $ 300)

Team Members:

Nancy Nenadovich  (President)

Richard Cull (Secretary)

Louie Bonomi

Karla Gilmore

Paul Merritt

Mitcheline Oakes

Larry and Mary Jane Stacey

Bud Sinnett

George Takach

Brian and Lorraine Urquhart

John and Jane Sneek

Elsie Pavelko

Kelli Steele

To view the most recent donation from the St. Patrick’s Shamrock Club to our parish, click here.

St. Patrick’s Shamrock Club Donation

The significant addition to the historic Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church in Port Dalhousie was completed in 1993. It doubled the previous worship area, providing a new Sanctuary at the rear of the facility, and two new transepts on both sides of the existing nave. Each transept featured new exterior entries, and stairways to the Lower Level which includes: a fellowship hall, children’s liturgy areas, a kitchen/server and miscellaneous support spaces. Free access was provided via a new ramp. The hydraulic lift delivers parties to the lower level. The lower level areas are used weekly by various groups of the church parishioners, including the church Catholic Women’s League. These areas have not had any painting done for 28.5 years. A professional painter (Nick Petrucci) offered to do the painting job for $10,735 (best quote, including taxes).

Pictured above is Louie Bonomi, the longest serving member of the St. Patrick’s Shamrock Club (SPSC) presenting the $4,500-cheque on 5 February, 2022 to church pastor, Fr. Richard Kowalchuk (left) as the painter’s down-payment. The painting was completed on 17 February 2022. Thanks to the partnership of the SPSC with Delta St. Catharines in raising the club’s money.