A minimum of six months notice is required during which time the engaged couple must attend a preparation course for marriage.

Engaged couples who are planning to be married within the year are required to attend one of the several Marriage Preparation Courses that are offered by the Churches within the Diocese of St. Catharines. Star of the Sea’s presentation of this course is the first one in the new calendar year. It is held in January in the Church Hall. Prior to the weekend, several couples from the parish meet to plan and organize for the twenty or so couples who will participate in this very intense weekend of prayer, presentations, and discussion groups. Much of the weekend is spent allowing the engaged couples to communicate individually and reflectively on areas that are sure to arise in any marriage.

           Star of the Sea Marriage Prep Team

The weekend begins on Friday night and ends on Saturday with attendance at Mass, a blessing of engagement rings and certificate presentation.

For the couples who are presenters the weekend is a very rewarding experience. They know that they have had a small part in preparing couples for this important sacrament.

For more information about taking the course, or if you are thinking about acting as a presenting couple, please contact the Church office.